Hey y’all, I’m Sherra!

I’m a wife, mom, Rah Rah, daughter, sister, writer, teacher, friend, sports enthusiast, and Believer in Christ. Native to Southeast Texas, I enjoy writing, drinking coffee with friends and yelling for the Texas A&M Aggies.

My husband, Robert, and I are empty-nesters and spend lots of time volunteering at our church and with family and friends. I’m passionate about journeying through life with other women, with as much love, grace and humor as possible…and, just a tad bit of sarcasm. 

Love, grace, humor – and just a tad bit of sarcasm!


How long have you been leading bible studies?

I have been leading, teaching and facilitating bible studies for over 10 years. I believe having a successful and meaningful relationship with Christ must begin with a love for God’s Word and a desire to know it and apply it to our lives!

How can we get you to speak at our event/conference?

I would be honored to speak at your event! You can visit the Speaking page to learn more and fill out a request form here.

What if our event is not in Southeast Texas – will you travel?

Absolutely! Leave all the details on the speaking request form and we can go from there!

Mountains or beach?

Ha! This is a no-brainer – I love the mountains! I love their natural beauty, the strength they represent and I feel in their presence; I never feel more at ease, at peace with life and all things than when I’m in the mountains.

Favorite sports team?

SPORTS!! Did I mention I’m a SPORTS ENTHUSIAST? Well, I am! My favorite teams, hands down are:

Football: College-Aggies (College football and baseball), Cowboys (NFL), Astros (MLB), the Williams sisters, Roger Federer and John McEnroe (which totally dates myself!)