Girl Scout Cookies

I’m eating Girl Scout Cookies…and, I really don’t even feel bad about it. Now, you may eat Girl Scout Cookies all the time, and, if so, I salute you. Me? Well, we BUY lots of Girl Scout Cookies because little people in our family that we love sell them, but I try not to eat … More Girl Scout Cookies

The Fudge is Gone

Well. The fudge is gone. Yep. I ate the last piece yesterday, washed the Christmas tin, put it in the drain board…with a long sigh. OK, some of you are thinking, so big deal. Well, it is kind of a big deal. And it’s not just about the fudge. See, I make fudge every year … More The Fudge is Gone

The After

There is something about vacations that no one ever really talks about. It’s a difficult subject, but, because I care about you, the reader, I’m going to talk about it. And, honestly, someone needs to. It’s THE AFTER. AFTER the vacation is over, AFTER you get home with mounds of laundry, AFTER every minute is … More The After